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The Leading Space consultancy & partner of choice

Innovative thought leadership, ideas and choices in the complex and evolving Space sector

Extensive practical and international experience developing civil, military and dual-use space solutions


Insight into all aspects of space: command, control, ground segment, launch, orbit, operations, support, payload, recovery and security. Covering civil, military, and dual use activities including upstream and downstream aspects.


Advice on capital-raising, insurance, the orbital economy, competitive payload price-point setting, industrial acceleration, partnerships, protection of intellectual property, financial and political risks, launch options and orbit choices, across all mission types.



Drive to develop timely national space strategies, structure national supporting organisations, form space commands, propose military campaigns, build alliances, mobilise industry, streamline certification and generate an educational/training pipeline.

Space4Sight can help you to achieve success in all areas of Space Strategy – connecting people and organisations, support to the creation of strategies and plans and advice on building a national Space Enterprise
Space4Sight can advise you on all aspects of operational activity, finding the right partners, getting into orbit or sub orbit, whilst acting safely, sustainably, and successfully
Space4Sight can guide you through all aspects of bringing technology from an idea into orbit – capital, construction, cover and clearances to generate capability
Space4Sight's unique operational heritage spanning civil and defence space activity can help you navigate the opportunities and nuances of Dual Use Space activity and ensure your system is secure by design
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